> Horse And Tiny Pit Bull Have The Most Adorable Game Of Tug Of War

Horse And Tiny Pit Bull Have The Most Adorable Game Of Tug Of War


We can learn a lot from animals, especially when it comes to being a friend.

There might be a few animals in nature that don’t play nicely, but for the most part, animals don’t judge and can make up some of the most surprising friendships. These unexpected animal friendships prove that love has no boundaries, but we see it in real life a lot more often than you think.

If you’ve ever seen this iconic Budweiser Super Bowl ad, where a giant Clydesdale and a tiny golden retriever form a touching bond, then you already know that these animals are pretty friendly creatures. However, in this next adorable video, we see how dogs and horses really can make the best of friends on the farm.

In the video, which was posted by YouTube channel TheMendesRanch, we see a tiny pit bull named Jasmine run over to a giant Mustang mix with an orange traffic cone almost as big as she is. As you can see, the horse, known as Mister, is happy to play with the sweet little pup.

Not every game of tug of war between animals ends like this, so you have to appreciate that these two have such a nice bond.

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