This Horseshoe Equation Is Stumping The Entire Internet – Can You Solve It?


It’s that time again! The internet has brought forth another mind-numbingly crazy riddle – and this one truly has us all stumped.

Facebook user Nejib Tej has posted an equation containing horseshoes, horses, and cowboy boots – and it involves a good bit of algebra. Shouldn’t be too hard to solve…. right?

Take a look for yourself:

Nejib Tej

The entire internet is stumped. Within hours, millions of comments have sprung up with widely varying answers:

Nejib Tej

So what’s the catch? Take a look at the equation again above and see if you can master it. If not – don’t worry. So are we. And we’re here to help!

Abby Heugel of ’22 Words’, offered up some excellent points to help us all through this amazing equation.

Twitter user Princeton Brooke has broken down the algebra for us, and we love him for it. Take a look:

Still a bit wonky? The following video breakdown should really help:

Did the video help?

?One final tip: In the last line, because of brackets; indices; division; multiplication; addition; and subtraction (or BIDMAS), you need to multiply the horse by the shoe before you add the boot!

So did you solve it the first time? Can you do it now? Pretty amazing, right? Let us know in the comments and be sure to challenge your friends – see if they’re part of the small percentage that can ace this amazing equation!