Hospital Staff Adopts Baby With Rare Genetic Disorder After Parents Refuse To Take Him Home


Sometimes, the birth parents of a child are not the best people to be able to care for their own child. In some cases, it takes someone with a little extra patience, time, and understanding to be able to provide the necessary means to raise a child, especially one with specialized health needs.

Baby Adam was a rare case born at a hospital in India. Upon his birth, Adam had no eyelids, nose, or hands, and his legs were fused together. His parents claimed that they could not bring home a baby like him because it would bring shame to their family, and if the hospital forced them to take him, they would have no choice but to poison their own child.

Two employees of the hospital, Raja and Jessica Paulraj, were an administrator and a nurse who dealt directly with Adam’s case, and felt an emotional connection with the newborn. They had so much love for the baby and felt sadness for the situation that he was born into as a baby that was unwanted. The couple decided to adopt the baby as their own and seek out the absolute best medical care that they could find.

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They came across a craniofacial surgeon in North Carolina that was able to create a plan for baby Adam’s care. He diagnosed the newborn with the rare genetic disorder Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome, which would require a series of complex surgeries.

“Is he going to be perfect? Yes, he’s already perfect. Is he going to be normal by the world’s standards? Never.” said Adam’s doctor, John van Aalst.

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Adam’s community has come together to raise over $100,000 to make these surgeries a possibility, which will allow him to be able to get surgeries to open and close his mouth and eyes.

With the love and support of his parents and his receptive community, Adam is sure to lead a life that will leave us all in awe.

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