Hotel Gets Backlash Online For Their Strict Room-Sharing Policy


A hotel located in Iloilo City, Philippines is getting backlash online for their strict room sharing policy that prohibits couples who aren’t married from sharing bedrooms.

The Ephrathah Farms has a series of guidelines that furthers their goal of advocating against extramarital sex. The hotel’s guidelines are as follows:

1. Only married couples are allowed to share a room

2. Front desk may require proof of marriage like ID’s, wedding rings, etc. before being allowed to book a room.

3. In as much as we would like to maximize business gains, we are compelled by our Christian belief to adhere to this rule.

Thank you for your understanding.

Even after the flack they received online, the hotel stood by the guidelines, saying that they have been in place for six years. The hotel also said that couples must go through a thorough screening process before they are given a room to stay there.

“We believe in the sanctity of Marriage. We further believe that ‘SEX’ should be done in the confines of married people only,” the hotel said in a statement. “This is the reason we screen guests of opposite sex wanting to check-in our rooms so that we can deny entry to couples whose intentions are for ‘Short Time’ stay only or to do extramarital affairs.”

When the hotel was asked why their guidelines are so strict, a spokesman replied that those who work there act as “caretakers and stewards” of God.

While many social media users slammed the hotel for their guidelines, others applauded them for taking a stand for traditional marriage. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section.