> Hundreds Of Dogs Are Destined For Death Until Veteran Bought A Plane To Save Them

Hundreds Of Dogs Are Destined For Death Until Veteran Bought A Plane To Save Them


The veteran felt that it was the right thing to do.

Meet army veteran Paul Steklenski, who decided to learn how to fly a plane in 2013. Once he became certified, he questioned what he should do next.

It wasn’t until later on that year when he rescued his dog, Tessa that hatched a brilliant and meaningful plan. Tessa came to him via a van in Pennsylvania, all the way from a shelter in Tennessee.

He had decided to combine his two new passions, which was both flying and rescuing dogs. Steklenski paid $70,000 for an old plane and removed the passenger seats to replace them with animal crates. He then flies to kill-shelters and transports animals on euthanization lists a new environment – no-kill shelters up north where they could get adopted instead!

Steklenski’s idea was to bring the dogs and cats from a kill environment into a no-kill environment for their own safety and potential in gaining a new home. His animal rescue, Flying Fur Animal Rescue was established back in May 2015. He has rescued a total of 740 cats and dogs, which you can’t accomplish with a simple land vehicle. “It’s all about efficiency,” he says.


Watch the veteran’s kind deed in action below!

Steklenski would fly to a selected shelter with 23 animals or lesser on his plane once a month. Surprisingly, everyone of his rescues were always sleeping peacefully – it was as if they knew what was going on! Even though monetary funds don’t come easy, Steklenski pledged to continue his animal rescue missions – as long as he could afford to. Interested parties in helping this worthy cause may donate directly at flyingfuranimalrescue.org.