Life is short – and so it’s important not to ever take the people around us for granted. There is no worse feeling than losing someone you hold dear.

This story, which I came across online, is a reminder of just that. A man comes to some valuable insight a year after he’s dumped his wife – but by then, it’s already too late. He is left to regret his decision for the rest of his life.

I can’t confirm whether this story is fictional or actually happened in real-life, but I think that it was such an important point that I wanted to share it to you. You can read through the man’s open letter below – and don’t hesitate to pass it on to your loved ones.

“In life, we undergo a series of different phases.

A year ago, I separated from my wife. I left her for a more beautiful girl.

My ex-wife was overweight and her skin was full of cellulite and stretch marks.

Her breasts and belly were basically sagging.

She didn’t pay attention to brushing her hair.

She never wore lipstick and often went out wearing worn-out shoes.

She never wore nail polish and rarely even shaved.

She refused to wear a bra or tweeze her eyebrows.

In short: I was not attracted to her anymore. The woman I once fell for remained only in my memory.

Exactly a year after I left her, I met the woman who had once been my wife.

She was beaming with happiness.

She was incredibly beautiful and had lost weight.

Her lips shone with bright red lipstick.

The dress she wore fit her beautifully.

Her body could never give away the fact that she’d had three children (my children as well).

It’s THEN that I sat and thought about the extra pounds. The result of her last pregnancy. She certainly had a bigger tummy, but it’s the same one that had given me life’s most beautiful gifts.

Her cellulite? All because she hadn’t had time to go to the gym: She needed to take care of our children during every waking hour.

There was no time to brush her hair, shave or put on makeup every day.

She didn’t wear a bra because it was easier that way to nurse our youngest child.

She cooked, cleaned and ironed with a smile on her face.

She loved her family and life was perfect for her.

So I want to tell you something today.

I know what it is to have a real woman at home, but I destroyed everything. I said I did not want her.

I swapped out real beauty for the shallow kind. I couldn’t understand or appreciate her genuine happiness of being a wife and mother of my children.

Now, she spends most of her time with my youngest son Benjamin. He’s only a year old. The other is two years older and does not need as much attention anymore.

So now, she’s had more time to look after herself. She has understood that she didn’t need an idiot like myself to appreciate her.

I didnot understand it then, and now it’s too late.”

Source cover photo: Marcel Oosterwijk/Flickr

Source: Doctoramor

Beauty lies on the inside – a critical point that this man did not realize until it was too late. Please share this story as a reminder that we must never take our loved ones for granted!

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