> I’ve Never Seen Potatoes Made This Way And Now It’s The Only Method I’ll Ever Use Again

I’ve Never Seen Potatoes Made This Way And Now It’s The Only Method I’ll Ever Use Again


Potatoes are one of the world’s most popular foods. And why shouldn’t they be…there are a million ways to make them. The versatility of the potato makes it easy to tempt your family members and friends with one of the many recipes. Whether it be mashed, baked, twice-baked, or scalloped, surely everyone can find something that gets their mouth watering.

One way that is guaranteed to have your guests asking for seconds is by serving them saute potatoes. They have been compared to chips, but they are far tastier.

What you’ll need:

-a good sized bag of small, yellow potatoes

-fresh rosemary

-two garlic cloves

-salt and pepper

-tablespoon of butter

-olive oil

What you need to do to create the yummy dish:

  • First, you’ll cut each potato in half, leaving the skin on. Tip: leaving the skin on keeps the potatoes strong and prevents them from falling apart.
  • Boil some water and toss a half a handful of salt in it
  • Put your potatoes in the salty boiling water and this is where you will half boil them, half cook them. Place the lid on and let them cook for four to five minutes. Be sure to set your timer, because this short amount of time can get away from you fast!
  • Time to test the potatoes-get a small knife and pierce one of the potatoes while it’s still in the boiling water. If the knife slides through with just a tad bit of resistance, then you are ready for the next step!
  • Now, dump them into a colander and let the steam do the work, cooking them the rest of the way through.
  • In the meantime you will pour some olive oil into a frying pan and and heat it up. Then place the potatoes in. Be sure to place them with the flat side down, so the skin will be facing up.
  • Your main goal now is to get those potatoes nice and crispy. As they are cooking, toss in some salt and paper.
  • Now comes the garlic! Grab a garlic press and crush the cloves so they are right over the potatoes, adding a burst of flavor.
  • Turn the potatoes over and drop a tablespoon of butter in, browning the tops of them.
  • Take your fresh rosemary and chop it up finely before sprinkling over the potatoes.
  • Gently toss the potatoes in the pan, coating all sides with the garlic combo.
  • You are ready to serve!  These can be served as a side or as an entire meal.

Viewers of the video have decided to add a few tips of their own…

“I think it’s much better to cut the potatoes in thirds instead of halves and boil them a bit longer. Make sure to add the garlic towards the very end or it will burn up.”

And some are offering up advice on what to pair the potatoes with…

“Today i made a roast chicken, I used the oil on the bottom to make the saute potatoes. It is so good.”