I’ve Seen Hundreds Of Elvis Clips Online. But None Give Me Chills Like This Rare Footage From 1968..



In 1968, Elvis Presley teamed up with his manager to create a first-of-its-kind television special that music producers have been trying to replicate for generations.

Because the music scene was extremely volatile in the late 1960s with heartthrob psychedelic rock bands like The Doors, Elvis needed to reinvent himself to stay current with his young fan base.

But when he sat down for the television audience and played his favorite Christmas song, he never knew we’d still be watching him sing it today.

The television program Elvis aired at the beginning of December 1968. Because the program was backed by a big budget, it featured mini-stories from the King’s early life and career, huge gospel performances and of course the close-up intimate concerts where Elvis played for a small group of loyal fans.

After Elvis aired on television, MTV tried to replicate its success with its popular Unplugged TV program. But they could never quite match the roaring success of Elvis.

As you’ll hear when you watch this classic Elvis Presley performance, the women in the small audience completely lose their cool when they realize how close they got to the world-class crooner.

What would you give to have gotten that close to Elvis back in 1968?

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