My Jaw Dropped When He Started Singing — I Think I Just Heard A Ghost!


Marc Martel had no idea what he was getting into when he posted a recording of himself doing his best Freddie Mercury impression on YouTube back in 2011.

He had been compared to the late, legendary Queen singer many, many times, but he never really took his talent to the stage. That is, until he heard about “Queen Extravaganza” — an official tribute project started byQueen drummer Roger Taylor.

Martel recorded the following video of himself singing one of my all-time favorites, “Somebody to Love,” in the comfort of his living room but, when you hear it, you would never know he wasn’t in a recording studio. He sounds like a professional singer. He sounds like Freddie Mercury.

Queen is currently touring with American Idol winner Adam Lambert, but after you hear Martel sing, you’ll wonder why the band would want anyone else to hold the place of the legendary singer.

Of course, no one can really compare to Mercury, whose impeccable voice and unique style changed the music industry forever — but luckily Martel can remind us of his greatness over and over again.

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