The Judges Laughed When This ‘Hillbilly’ Stepped On Stage. Seconds Later, He Left Them In Tears.


It takes so much to step out on stage and perform in front of judges, an audience and millions of viewers at home with no formal training.

So, you can only imagine how Kevin Skinner felt when he walked on the American’s Got Talent stage to have judge Sharon Osbourne and the entire audience laugh at his southern accent and hillbilly persona, neither which were part of his act. The self pro-claimed former ‘chicken catcher’ has had no formal training. He taught himself how to play guitar and sing by listening to country greats like Garth Brooks.

To save him from even more humiliation judge Piers Morgan says “let’s just see the act”, expecting it to be a complete disaster. Within seconds, laughter turned into chills, as Skinner performed an emotional cover of  sweet, sad love song “If Tommorow Never Comes” by Brooks. The touching performance completely moved the judges and they went from thinking he was a joke to calling him a “genuine person” and the “real deal”. Skinner went on to win the fourth season of AGT, a dream come true for the unemployed and humble farmer.

If Kevin Skinner’s story doesn’t describe the American Dream come true, I don’t know what does.

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