Light fixture are so expensive and tend to look, well like everyone else you know. But here’s an idea sure to turn heads and become unique to your home alone!



Turn your old light fixture into a creative hanging fixture sure to spark conversation.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

    • 40” L x 8.5” W x 1” thick piece of reclaimed barn wood
    • Repurposed Bathroom Light Vanity Strip
    • Spray Paint
    • 6 Mason Jars
    • 6 Edison Light Bulbs (or any bulb of your choice)
    • Drill and Bits
    • Screws
    • Rope


TheSummeryUmbrella Featured On Remodelaholic


TheSummeryUmbrella Featured On Remodelaholic

Step 1: First, I painted the light fixture (remember to tape off the light sockets!). This item was repurposed from our guest bathroom so all it needed was a little paint. I used my all- time favorite color of spray paint: Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze.




Step 2:  Next, drill a hole into the barn wood with a 2 1/8 inch drill bit for the electrical wires.


Step 3:  Pull apart the light fixture so it can be attached to the barn wood. Drill four holes; one on each end and two in the middle to secure just the inside piece of your light strip to the piece of barn wood.



Step 4:  Attach the exterior part of your light fixture (this particular one just clipped back into place).

Step 5: Drill holes into the Mason jar lids using 1 3/8 inch drill bit for the light socket opening. Use a 1/8 inch drill bit to pre-drill two holes into each lid so they
also can be securely fastened to the fixture.


Step 6:  Place the Mason jar bands on first, then the lids and finally screw them in. You can also screw in the light bulbs and Mason jars at this point if you want to get a preview of


Step 7: Using a ¾ inch drill bit, drill four holes (two on each end) of the wood to allow access for the rope that will hang your light fixture.

Step 8: Install a ceiling hook. As you can see we have slanted ceilings in our home which makes hanging this light a little more complicated. Also, our electrical outlet in the ceiling is too far over in this corner to be centered with our table (which drives me a little insane). So, we decided to install ours approximately 8 inches from the electrical outlet so it would be centered with our table, and also allowing me to sleep soundly at night! LOL

Step 9: Measure from the ceiling down to approximately how high above your table you would like your light fixture to hang. The length of the rope and height of the light fixture will depend on where you are hanging it and the height of your ceiling.

**Note: If you don’t have your Mason jars attached to your light at this point make sure to account for their length when measuring for your rope.
Step 10:  Cut your rope. You’ll be cutting four different strands. Two will be used for the sides of your fixture, and will go approximately three-fourths of the way up. The third will be to combine the first two, and then hang your entire fixture to the ceiling hook. The fourth is for decoration. (I’ll get to this one in just one second!)
Use one strand on each side of the board and knot it underneath. Fold the third in half and use it to bring the two sides together; tie a knot at the top. Run the electrical wire from your fixture up the back of one side of the rope. Preferably use a strand that will not be facing out.
Step 11: Shorten the electrical cord if necessary, and then add a plastic electrical cap if you have an existing hole in your ceiling (like we did).
Step 12:  Twist a smaller piece of rope around the main rope that is hanging the fixture all the way up to the ceiling to hide the electrical wire.
TIP: for any remaining black electrical wire, I chose to paint it white to hide it further. 

And…you’re done!



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