While walking home from school in Lisbon, England, a group of students heard barking. They looked around, expecting to find a dog… but couldn’t find a single creature.

They were walking past a closed school playground, so they decided to investigate. When they did, they saw a dog’s head peeking out of the ground. He was crying out for help, stuck in a manhole cover opening barely big enough for his head.

Being the kind hearted teens that they were, the students helped the dog out.

Animal control and the fire department showed up to help rescue the dog. Carefully, the rescue workers made the manhole opening bigger so that the dog could get out. It took them over an hour to remove the frightened dog.

“We don’t know how [the dog] got down there,” said Animal rescue spokesman Ana Sousa. “One thing is for sure, the dog could not have got there on its own. The entrance was too narrow.”

Source: Life With Dogs

The thought that someone put the dog in the sewer is absolutely tragic. It’s wonderful that the teenagers stopped to help when they heard a dog in trouble. Share their heroic act with others.

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