Anil Prabhakar was with friends on a safari in Borneo when he encountered an unusual act of kindness. Right there, in the protected forest, he saw a wild orangutan reach out and offering his hand to a man who was standing waist-deep in snake-filled waters.

It turned out that man was a warden for the organization called the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, and he was in the process of clearing away snakes from the area to help protect the orangutans. But this particular primate thought the man might need a hand.

Anil watched as the man rejected the orangutan’s hand, stepped aside, and asked why. The caretaker said that since it is a wild animal and not the one they are familiar with, he could not accept the monkey’s offer. But the man continued his work to protect the local orangutans.

But how sweet! It just goes to show how smart and compassionate animals can be. ?

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