Kind Stranger Gives Last Generator In Store To Tearful Woman Before Storm


Florida woman Pam Brekke spent days searching for a generator before Hurricane Irma hit landfall. Pam’s father is on oxygen, so she wanted to be prepared in case they lost power from the storm. Emergency generators have been selling out in stores quickly as the hurricane approaches.

Unfortunately, up until now Pam has had not been able to find one. Pam was hoping finally get a generator at a Lowe’s store when they gave last one to the person in front of her. She then was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears in the middle of the store. That’s when another customer named Ramon Santiago noticed Pam crying and approached her.

Out of the blue he decided to selflessly give her his generator. This Good Samaritan didn’t even know Pam’s story, but he felt lead to give the generator to her regardless. What an amazing example of the kindness of a stranger!