She Knew Mother-In-Law Was Turning Her Kids Into Spoiled Brats. But Never Expected This After She Passed Away!


On many occasions, we fail to appreciate others for their genuine care and concern and instead, end up mistaking their pure intention for some evil design.

A mother of three kids, making the same mistake, despised her mother-in-law for her over-bearing attitude towards her kids, fearing the latter might spoil them beyond redemption. While she (mother-in-law) was alive, the mother competed with the old woman to win the kids’ hearts, but failed invariably on every occasion.

Be it those expensive birthday gifts or that extra money for the ice-cream truck or that unconditional pampering, the grandmother showered it all on the kids. This added more to the mother’s apathy towards her mother-in-law.

Kids, undoubtedly, grew fond of their granny much to the grief of their own mother.
Mother came to grips with the actual truth only when her mother-in-law passed away.
Having realized her mistake, she wrote a letter to her mother-in-law in that grief-stricken state of mind and what she wrote would make your eyes well up uncontrollably.

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