Late Father’s Touching Family Photo Goes Viral


In July 2014, Sierra and Lane were expecting a baby. Since this was their first child, the couple from Oklahoma found it both nerve-wracking and exciting — but they had each other to lean on.

But when Sierra was around eight months pregnant, Lane died in a freak boating accident. Sierra lost her best friend and the father of her unborn child.

Just a few weeks after Lane’s tragic passing, their son Taos was born. When he approached 6 months old, Sierra askedprofessional photographer Kayli Henley if she’d be willing to take a photo of her and her beautiful son.

Kayli began snapping pictures of Sierra and Taos outside in a sunny field. But something was missing. Their family wasn’t whole without Lane, and so Sierra asked Kayli if she could make the photo complete.

Up to the task, Kayli did some digging and borrowed the perfect photograph of Lane, then went home and put her clever Photoshopping skills to use.

When Sierra saw the final photo, she was brought to tears. Watch the video below to see it for yourself, and please SHARE this touching story with your friends on Facebook!

Image Via: Kayli Rene’ Photography