I Laughed So Hard I Cried! This Little Boy Is An Expert In Everything!


How can you forget “Kids Say The Darndest Things”?! It was by far one of my all-time favorite shows of the 90′s… and 4-and-a-half-year-old (don’t forget the half!) Jacob was one of the best guests they ever had!

If you have a video camera on kids, sooner or later they’re going to say something to make you laugh. Even if they don’t seem to make much sense, kids love to hear themselves talk… and never like to shy away from the spotlight. If you check this out, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. Have you ever seen a kid who loved the camera more?

Seriously, if you like dinosaurs, Queen, or just the thought of seeing a kid run circles around Bill Cosby on stage, this will be a clip you never forget!

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