> She Left Her Clumsy Cat Alone For One Minute… This Is HILARIOUS!

She Left Her Clumsy Cat Alone For One Minute… This Is HILARIOUS!


Everybody loves hammocks — especially cats. For everyone’s favorite viral star Timo, he’s learned that practice makes purrr-fect when it comes to enjoying his comfy cat hammock.

YouTube user and LittleThings fan Xiedubbel sent along an adorable video of her clumsy cat as he struggles to figure out his hammock. While we’ve recently seen himtaking a cat nap and snuggling with his favorite stuffed animals, the adorable cat needed several months struggling with gravity to finally figure out how to do those things in his hammock.

In the video, Timo’s progress is documented. Initially, he takes a few spills. At one point, he even takes a running start to try and jump in the hammock and accidentally knocks it over. Then he looks at the camera as if to say, “Did I do that?”

After four months, he finally gets it, and everything clicks. Understanding the physics of how the hammock works, Timo doesn’t forget and is able to enjoy the bed and easily climb into it. As you can see in the video, the fluffy ragdoll cat is so happy and content. Looks like he’ll be enjoying a long summer of relaxing and swinging in his little hammock. How adorable!

Watch Timo in action, and we guarantee that you won’t be able to get enough.

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Timo the cat clearly had difficulties getting into the hammock when his owners first brought it home…


Timo tried getting a running start, but that technique didn’t really pan out either:


Ah… Practice makes purrrrr-fect.