She Let The Dog Play In The Snow — The Dog’s Reaction Leaves Her In Stitches!


During the winter months, it’s important to keep your pets safe and put booties on them when they go outside. According to experts, dogs should wear them nearly all winter because the salt used on the sidewalks is quite damaging to their paw pads. By putting on these protective shoes, you can give your pet a boost of comfort and style.

In this video, these dogs are all in for a new fashion experience, and the results are hysterical. When their owners put on the booties, the dogs have the funniest reactions as they get used to the new shoes.

As the dogs begin to walk, their little legs seem to take on a mind of their own, kicking up into the air. Then,another little pup even runs on his front paws, leaving his back legs lifted high into the air above his head.

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