A Lion was bored. Zookeeper threw him a toy, but was caught way off guard by lion’s reaction


Triton, a majestic lion at the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa, has quite the hidden talent.

Agnes Maluleke who is a Zookeeper in Johannesburg’ explains there is one toy that Triton favors — his much-adored football ball.

Triton, an 11-year-old white lion, may have the looks of the king of the jungle, but he actually demonstrates that in fact, the difference between a house cat and the big felines is just a matter of size.

Felines are playful creatures, and you’ll find that Lions are no exception. Triton proceeds to play with the football in much the same way as a kitten would pay with a ball of yarn!

Lion Den actually explains that games actually play a very large role in Lions’ development, as “most of their play imitates behaviours they will use as adults including stalking and fighting. Play is an important way for cubs to learn these adult skills as well as to form strong social bonds with their companions.”

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