Little Girl Catches Huge Bass With Her Barbie Fishing Pole


Leave it up to a little girl to catch the biggest fish in style!

Pint-size Avery was out fishing with her dad when she felt a tug at her bright pink Barbie fishing pole line. Nearly pulling her off deck, she jumped to her feet and started reeling in. “Can you help me?!” she yelled at Dad who seemed more preoccupied with filming her adorable reaction. “Keep going!” he encourages her.

Then, he notices something unexpected break through the surface of the water. “Did I get one?” Avery asks. To Dad’s surprise, she not only got one, she caught a huge bass! He finally gives his little fishing woman a hand and together they retrieve the beauty onto their boat. Victory is written all over her face.

When she places her hand nears the fishes’s body, you’ll almost wonder how she even managed to hang onto that sucker. Remember, she’s a little girl and little girls are beyond powerful.

You go, Avery! This family is having bass tonight!

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