This Little Girl Was Caught Doing Something With The Dog. You Shouldn’t Miss It!


This has got to be one of the cutest videos I’ve seen all week!

As the description says, little Sierra wants to teach her big dog how to hula hoop, and seems completely convinced that she can show him exactly how to do it. Not only does she patiently talk to him, she even puts the hula hoop on his neck and shows him how it’s done! I’ve never seen a cuter conversation – I can only imagine what her dog was thinking!

I remember playing with my dogs when I was younger. I really did think they could understand me, and to this day, I still do in certain respects! Her big dog may not be able to hula hoop with her, but he certainly knows that Sierra is trying to tell him something! The patient way he he waits for her to finish talking illustrates that perfectly.

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