> Little Girl Gives An Eerie Message When Talked To By The Officer

Little Girl Gives An Eerie Message When Talked To By The Officer


“Drama Queen” is a short film directed by Rogier Hesp. Hesp has a long history of working with film. His site gives a great recount of what he has done: “Rogier Hesp (1985) was admitted to the directors fiction division at the Dutch Film Academy at the age of eighteen. He graduated with the film ‘Sight’ which received the Nassenstein Startprijs 2008 for best fiction project from the Dutch Film Academy and the commercial ‘Robbery’ for Tom Tom. This commercial got selected for the shortlist from the Young Directors Award in Cannes.”

This is when this short film comes into play.  In 2010, “Drama Queen” won, “Gold & two Silver at the Cannes Lions, Gold Eurobest 2010, Gold & Bronze Epica 2010, Gold World Medal NYF 2011, Gold Cresta 2010 Silver & Bronze LIAA 2010, Golden Drum 2010 and Silver and the young director award ADCN 2011.” The video is less than a minute, but sets up quite the moment. It starts with a woman getting pulled over by the police, but seems to quickly fly out of control. The smile from the little girl at the end diffuses the moment and suggests she is just a little troublemaker. On his site, Hesp is said to like to “[look] for the edge [in every story], an edge that provokes but ends in a smile.” He certainly succeeds with this here.  Check out the video to see what this little “drama queen” is up to.