Little Girl Is Sad To See Her Daddy Leave To Serve Our Country


The men and women in our nation’s military are some of the bravest and most amazing people the world has ever seen. Their ability to keep cool under intense combat conditions, all while being able to fight as one of the most effective combat forces the world has ever seen, is part of the reason why our country is the most powerful in the history of the world.

But while it’s easy to see these powerful warriors as mighty combat machines, it’s sometimes easy to forget that they’re human too, and that they have families and loved ones that they leave behind at home.

While we love more than anything to watch the powerful videos of soldiers coming home to their families, sometimes it’s important to watch the heartbreaking videos of the soldiers going away for duty. This adorable little girl seems to have a sad yet brave reaction. While she’s certainly going to miss her Daddy, at least she knows to give him some amazingly helpful advice!

Make sure to watch what she says at :46. That’s some advice that just about anyone could hope to use. Luckily, the man in this video won’t be gone too long, just 6 weeks with the Air Force for now. Thankfully, this adorable little girl has Mommy around to take her to the toy store!

It’s important to remember that these amazing men and women have families that they have to say goodbye to. We can only hope and pray that they will all come home safe and sound!

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