He Looks Over His Shoulder And Tells His Puppy He Is Handsome. His Pup’s Reaction Is Hilarious


A lot of dog owners like to accessorize their pets. Some give their animals vests and sweaters. Others put little dog booties on their feet when it rains outside. Some people like Paris Hilton treat their dogs as an accessory.

But this dog owner decided it was time to try out the trend. He put a little bandanna on his puppy and thought he looked so cute. But when he tells the dog that he looks good and handsome, the puppy responds by doing this…

At the beginning of the now viral clip, the young man holds his smartphone and takes a selfie video at arm’s length. The cute French bulldog puppy stands behind him on the couch while the man sits on the floor leaning into it.

The man asks, “Hey, how do you like your bandanna?”

Every human watching the video knows the puppy looks cute. There’s just no doubt about it. The dog is adorable with the little red bandanna tied across its chest.

But the dog seems to think otherwise. Maybe he wants a tougher look or perhaps something more in-your-face. Why? Because the dog begins to growl and bark.

“You like it? It’s pretty nice,” the owner says. But the dog knocks its head against the man’s shoulder preparing for a fight.

“No? You look handsome,” the man admits. That’s when the puppy goes for the jugular. He reaches in and bites the man on the back of the neck. “Ow,” the guy says.

“I still think you look handsome,” the man says. “How do you like your bandana?” he asks again. I don’t know if he wants to get bit, but it seems like he’s just asking for trouble by repeating the question that caused all the trouble in the first place.

The man turns around and faces the white puppy. “You look super handsome.”

The dog rises up on its hind legs and seems to shake with agitation. This dog does not know how to take a compliment.

“Yeah, I agree,” the owner says. In response the dog huffs making the man furrow his brow in confusion. He then makes a disgruntled grunt and turns away from the dog. In response, the puppy barks and goes in for another nibble on the man’s ear.

The video was uploaded about 5 months ago with the title, “Puppy Cant Take A Compliment: When you’re being modest and can’t take a compliment.” It has been viewed more than 350,000 times and amassed hundreds of comments.

Here is what some people recently said about the video:

  • “My god I love this little dog I could handle one like that and the owner is cute to,” one Facebook user said.
  • “gorgeous puppy and super gorgeous daddy …”
  • “tiny french bulldog wearin a bandana!”
  • “could you find me a puppy just like this one, so precious!!!”

    What do you think? Is the puppy handsome? Should the dog admit it or is he being too modest?

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