> Lost Dog And Pig Are Reunited With Their Tearful Owner

Lost Dog And Pig Are Reunited With Their Tearful Owner


Petey the pig and a pooch named K 2 have been inseparable since they were babies and have done everything as a team.

“They grew up together. They live together,” their owner Willie Landry told Tampa Bay’s Fox 13. “They run and play together all day.”

One day, the partners in crime even escaped from a fence at their home in Seffner, FL leaving Landry devastated.

Luckily, a local family found the pair roaming around outside their home. When they brought the dog into the backyard, they noticed that Petey followed close behind, much like the little pig who always walks right under his dog friend’s legs.

And when Animal Services arrived, the pig refused to leave the dog’s side. Petey even started squealing as soon they put the dog in their truck making them realize that these two animals were best friends.

In turn, Animal Services posted photos of the pair on Craigslist and the Facebook page of Lost and Found Pets of Hillsborough County. Fox 13 also shared a photo of Petey and K2 with their viewers. It wasn’t long before they were reunited with their emotional owner.

“They are like my kids. They are family,” Landry said as he held back tears.

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