She was lost in the woods for 15 hours, unlikely rescuer put family in tears


For fifteen hours, the parents of a three year old little girl had anxiously awaited. After Victoria had wandered off by herself, her parents had a Search and Rescue team looking over the whole area near their home, but they had no idea how far Victoria could have wandered. And it was February. In the cold temperatures, no one was confident that little Victoria could stay safe while she was all alone. But in the meantime, the family dog, a Queensland Heeler named “Blue” had followed Victoria into the woods. The family would soon learn that Blue was the true hero who saved Victoria’s life.

Victoria’s parents could hardly believe what they were seeing when Victoria was returned to them. Right by her side was Blue, who hadn’t left her for a minute, but had stayed by her side, keeping her warm. Aunt Kim Rayfieled reported, overcome with gratitude, “Victoria is our angel.” There was nothing else that could have caused the family to appreciate Blue more than this.

When Victoria was helpless, she had her own “angel” by her side through Blue. “That dog stayed with her,” said Kim. “And I believe that they will have a relationship for a very long time.” Victoria’s story is explained through a rescuer that found her and the dog in the woods together. Hearing him explain what he saw between the two of them proves that Blue knew he was there to save Victoria. Watch the ending to the precious story in this video!