> ‘I Love Lucy’ Special Redone And Colorized In Time For Christmas Season

‘I Love Lucy’ Special Redone And Colorized In Time For Christmas Season


Lucille Ball will forever be remembered as one of the funniest comedians of all time. Her situational comedy television show I Love Lucy has had some of the most iconic moments in American history.

From her famous on-screen relationship with Desi Arnaz’s lovable Ricky Ricardo, to her iconic chocolate factory scene, this amazing woman has managed to proudly place herself into the hearts and minds of Americans of all ages and generations.

Her popular television show has been cited as the number one show of all time, and after watching any of her classic episodes, you’ll easily understand why so many people have fallen in love with her comedic exploits over the years!

Over half a century after her first episode, and after hours of painstaking restoration work, the amazing team of scientists, artists, and historians at CBS have come together to colorize every single frame from two of her Christmas-themed episodes!

“The Christmas Episode” and “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” will be the two episodes aired in new color with no commercial interruptions in between! They will air on CBS Wednesday, December 23 in preparation for an amazingly colorful Christmas this year!

Airing old episodes of newly colorized I Love Lucy episodes is certainly a Christmas tradition that everyone could get behind! It’s definitely a bit of a shock watching Lucy and her friends walking around in full color!

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