I Loved This Old Game Show, But These Are The Most Bizarre 5 Minutes Of It I’ve Ever Seen…


Game shows have long been a favorite of Americans. Whether you grew up watching the Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, or Family Feud, game shows bring families together and engage millions of people every year.

One game show that has never been far from my heart is Hollywood Squares. The show debuted on NBC in 1965 with its pilot and was picked up at the start of the next season. It’s been hosted by numerous greats including Peter Marshall, Jon Bauman, John Davison, and later Tom Bergeron.

But out of all the years this show has aired, these five minutes here have got to be the strangest…

As audiences who watched agree, this episode during host Tom Bergeron’s tenure on the show has got to be the weirdest few minutes of his career.

In the contest, David returns to defend his winning streak against Valerie.

But starting at the 9:50-mark, the episode features 9 consecutive incorrect guesses. And six of them are by celebrity guest Gilbert Gottfried.

Gottfried is asked a Playgirl related question. But he says he knows the answer because he posed for the magazine though “you don’t actually see anything because my thumb was in the way.”

David gets it wrong. When it’s Valerie’s turn, she again picks on Gilbert Gottfried.

He answer that having a child is the fulfilling thing both Hungarians and Americans agree on. She disagrees and all he can say is “You Fool!” as she gets it wrong.

Continue to watch the embarrassing streaks of losses as the contestants continue to disagree with the celebrities.

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