Man builds so tiny home he can pull it with bike. Take a look inside to see how he lives


Paul Elkin has taken the tiny home movement to a whole new level. While we have featured many tiny, space-efficient homes, none compare to what Elkin created. His tiny home is a mobile home that can be transported with a bicycle. Yes, it’s so small and light that he can pull it by riding a bicycle. This might sound odd, but watch the video below and take a look inside. It’s actually extraordinary!

Elkin built his micro bike camper with just $150. He wanted to a functional home that could be easily transported around. Elkin started by finding cheap and affordable materials. The trailer is constructed out of old campaign signs, which were free, and many other materials he found at a huge discount.

The inside of the home has everything you would really need. There’s a comfy area to lie down and sleep. He has a stove, drawers, spice cabinet, and even a book shelf. Best of all, Elkin can travel without worry about any bills. He just needs to buy food. What a unique way to live!

Watch Elkin’s genius invention in the video below: