What This Man Is Caught Doing Looks Absolutely Horrifying At First. But Check This Out… Unreal.


For some people around the world, a flooded river is serious business. It’s not just what you talk about at the water cooler that day. Take the Sam Lang village in Vietnam, for example. When the local river was flooded, the nearby suspension bridge was rendered useless. Travel was impossible and the village’s children couldn’t get to school.

But that’s when one heroic father stepped up and did the unthinkable: he put those kids in plastic bags.

It seems unorthodox and unsafe, but swimming across was the only way to get to the school. The current was too strong to use the bridge. The caring father didn’t mind slogging across the swollen river. He just wanted these kids to get an education that day. Now that’s inspiring. Here’s the unbelievable act on video:

Source: Daily Mail

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