Man Crumples To The Ground When He Reads A Special Letter From His Girlfriend’s Daughter


When Lauren Hernandez was 1 year old, she met Joe Iosco. She may not remember it, but this day was a defining moment in her life.

As she grew older, Iosco, her mother’s long-term boyfriend, was always there for her. He acted like the best father that anyone could ever ask for. He supported her, loved her, and treated her exactly as he treats his own biological daughters.

Maybe that was because he didn’t feel like he was acting like a father. He really did consider Lauren to be his very own child.

Every family is different, and we all go through different obstacles. Lauren’s biological father may not have been there for her while she grew up, but she, by no means, grew up without a dad in her life.

At 18 years old, Hernandez graduated high school. At her graduation party, she knew exactly what gift she wanted. Iosco had no idea what was coming.

When Hernandez handed him a gift, he was a bit thrown off. He thought this was supposed to be her party! Inside, he found a beautiful poem. He thought that was it, and he was already getting emotional.

Then, he sees that there is another envelope hidden at the very bottom of the gift box… official adoption papers.

This is the greatest gift that either of them could ever have asked for on this day.

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