> Man Gets Arrested For Saving His Own Dog From A Burning Building

Man Gets Arrested For Saving His Own Dog From A Burning Building


When a fire broke out at the Premier West Apartments complex in West Memphis, Tennessee, rescuers rushed to the scene. They did all they could to evacuate everyone out of the burning building and as far away as possible.

But there was someone missing: Bishop, the dog of tenant Jarrod Martin. He was still inside of the building that had just gone up in flames.

Jarrod watched helplessly as the flames crept closer to his apartment. Firefighters assured him that they would get to the dog, but Jarrod couldn’t wait anymore… and decided to take matters into his own hands.

When the Premier West Apartments complex in West Memphis went up in flames recently, rescue workers were quick to arrive on the scene. If they wanted to save as many lives as possible, they were going to have to get to work fast.

After a harrowing rescue effort, firefighters managed to safely remove everyone out of the building and away from the roaring blaze. Spectators looked on in shock and confusion as one man suddenly ran toward the burning building.


The man, Jarrod Martin, was a tenant of the burning apartment building—and his dog, Bishop, was still trapped inside. Firefighters had assured Jarrod that they would rescue his pet, but as the flames crept closer, Jarrod knew had to act on his own. But it was what he did that got him in major trouble…

Jarrod climbed up onto the balcony of his apartment and grabbed the dog as quickly as possible—all to roaring cheers from the crowd below. When he emerged from the blaze, though, he was promptly arrested.


Everyone in the crowd was in complete shock when Jarrod was placed under arrest, but police had a valid reason. See, they said that Jarrod had endangered his own life, as well as the lives of any rescuers who would have had to save him if his impromptu animal rescue went wrong.


In the end, Jarrod was charged with two misdemeanors for disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. Chances are that he didn’t mind these charges, though—especially since he knew that Bishop was finally safe and sound.


Despite the legal troubles in which he found himself, Jarrod said he would do it again if he had to. Knowing that Bishop was going to live to see another day was well worth the misdemeanor charges that he faced as a result of his “crime.”

Not only was Jarrod a hero after saving Bishop from the burning building that day, but the entire rescue effort was captured on video. Watch the moment when Jarrod climbed up onto the balcony—and see how he was able to free his poor pooch.


Jarrod is far from the only person to risk his life to save a stranded animal during a devastating fire. This three-week-old puppy named Jake was trapped in a similar house fire and he suffered burns to the majority his little body, but he survived—all thanks to the quick actions of his neighbor.

Because he was only a puppy, there wasn’t much of a chance of Jake surviving the fire. His little lungs couldn’t hold that much air. Luckily, his neighbor Bill Lindler, who also happened to be a firefighter, was able to heroically save him.

Jake had sustained burns over 75% of his body, including the pads of his feet. Not long after, his owners had to give him up to the veterinarians when they were unable to afford his bills. Luckily, someone else was watching out for him.

That’s when Bill, the very same firefighter who had rescued Jake from the burning home, contacted the veterinarian to see if he could potentially lend a helping hand. You can read Jake’s full story here

While both Jarrod and Bill took a real risk and they were lucky things didn’t go wrong, it’s easy to understand why they did what they did. Sometimes, when a loved one—or precious pooch—is in danger, you have no choice but to put their needs first.

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