Man Gets Pulled Over Driving A Scissor Lift, Has Hilarious Encounter With Cop


We’ve all seen someone get pulled over while driving a car, but it’s not every day that you see an individual get pulled aside while operating a scissor lift. Presumably, most people wouldn’t drive a scissor lift down a frequented street, but that’s not the case for comedic YouTube personality Steve Jessup. In one of Jessup’s most-watched YouTube videos, he is recorded getting confronted by a cop for driving a hydraulic scissor lift down a road while drinking beer.

Jessup has amassed online followers through his candid, often irreverent videos that fall in line with his YouTube channel’s motto: whiskey, weed, women. Jessup’s videos range from home-related hacks with a Southern twist to talk segments where Jessup gives viewers tongue-in-cheek advice. Some of the most popular videos on the comedian’s channel are similar to the footage below, which depicts Jessup getting arrested for inappropriately using a hydraulic scissor lift and his subsequent behavior upon being confronted. Videos such as this have earned Jessup the moniker “DUI Steve.”

Jessup’s bizarre and humorous encounter was recorded from the view of a dash cam inside the officer’s car. The camera captures the inane and hilarious conversation that ensues when the cop approaches Jessup, who’s sitting on the scissor lift platform seemingly unaware that anything is wrong. The three-minute-long video contains Jessup’s unadulterated humor and even some of his trademark statements such as “I know my rights!”

Since being uploaded in 2010, Jessup’s video has accumulated over 7 million views, making it a crowd favorite among his followers. A number of comments on the YouTube video claim that the hilarious event was, in fact, a sketch, like a handful of Jessup’s other DUI-themed videos. Jessup doesn’t explicitly state the nature of the video in the YouTube description, but it is believed that the event was staged.

Nonetheless, Jessup’s videos continue to reach millions and entertain his growing audience. According to The Interro Bang, some of Jessup’s videos have been broadcast on major television networks such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Jessup’s website touts merchandise related to his channel and provides updates on the comedian’s upcoming tours.