Man Pushes Wife To Save Himself From A Sinking Cruise Ship. But The Reality Is Priceless

Imparting moral lessons to kids at school is an important part of a child’s upbringing. These lessons also influence the personality of the young minds. This is exactly what a teacher did, during one of her classes. She narrates the tale of a sea disaster to her dear students which ends in a way they least expected. This tragic story revolves around a ship which gets capsized and all hell breaks loose thereafter. Lifeboats do their bit to ensure all the people onboard are safe and casualties are minimal. Amongst the many people who were sailing on this cruise ship was a couple, who are also trying to save their lives. Like everyone else, this couple too reaches out to a lifeboat, but unfortunately the vessel can’t accommodate both. The way the story unfolds later is sure to leave you speechless.