Man Rescued A Small Newborn Animal Near A Sidewalk, And Nursed It Back To Health


This newborn was on the brink of death until..

In Tampa, Florida, a man named Jeff Longo had been walking on a sidewalk when he saw something. He saw a small, newborn animal lying on the sidewalk, on the brink of death.

The poor animal’s chances of survival seemed slim and it was about the size of Longo’s pinky finger. Longo took pity on the newborn and decided to take it back home to nurse it back to health.


To Longo, the strange newborn looked like a squirrel but he was unsure. To find out exactly what it was, Longo decided to share a photo of the animal on Reddit. Unfortunately instead of helping him, netizens simply told Longo off, telling him that the newborn animal will die. But Longo was not discouraged by the comments at all and was even more determined to save the newborn animal.


Longo later found out that Biscuits was a flying squirrel and named her “Biscuits”. To nurse her back to health, Longo mixed some puppy formula with heavy cream to feed Biscuits. He kept Biscuits in his shirt pocket and bottle fed her the formula for three months.


Under Longo’s care, Biscuits survived the odds and grew up healthily. Once Biscuits was able to move on her own, she escaped from Longo’s shirt pocket and roamed around the house freely. Longo stated that he even found her in the bathtub once!


Longo was not the only one who took a liking to Biscuits, even the family dogs do too! Biscuits spends her time playing with the family dogs and running around the house, chirping excitedly.


As Biscuits is too used to being around humans, it is clear that she would not survive in the wild. Despite that, Biscuits loves her new home and family. From Longo’s selfie with Biscuits, he loves her as much as she does!


Thanks to Longo, Biscuits is healthy and living comfortably with her family.