Man revives and rehabilitates cat found near death on his porch


YouTube user familytime shared a touching video last year about a harrowing rescue that took place at his home: A seemingly abandoned cat had turned up on the man’s front porch, almost completely frozen to death from the winter cold. A desperate struggle to revive her began then, documented by the uploader through a series of pictures and videos that were compiled below.

The savior, a 7th grade teacher and father of two according to his YouTube profile, knew the cat was not yet deceased when he noticed a small amount of movement in her paw, he explains. A warm bath and many layers of towels and blankets later, the feline began to slowly regain control of her body. Within 6 hours, the cat, which the man affectionately named Elsa, had already shown some dramatic improvement and seemed to be nearly back to normal, besides a few sneezing sprees. Check out the video below to learn more.

The Humane Society recommends building makeshift shelters in your backyard for stray outdoor cats in the winter. Used dog houses do well. However, the website says not to rely on towels, blankets and newspapers for padding, as those absorb body heat and can actually make things worse. Leaving food and water near the shelters is also suggested.

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