Man Stuns The Crowd With A Performance Of The Village People’s ‘YMCA’ On ‘America’s Got Talent’


No matter your age, it will always be important to be able to deal with boredom. These days, there are so many distractions, whether it be television or the internet, but no matter what, sometimes it’s healthy just to be comfortable enough with yourself to be alone for a few minutes and get some well-deserved quiet time!

It seems that a 54-year-old man named Christopher took that advice to heart. Because even though he sings and performs in a five-man band, he’s the only one that’s really calling all the shots! It takes a lot of bravery to perform on America’s Got Talentbut it takes even more confidence to do it totally alone onstage!

Often, it feels like the judges are just waiting for a moment to press the big red buzzer, but Christopher didn’t let the judges have that moment. He walked onstage, introduced himself, and quickly walked off. The whole audience was a bit confused, but ten seconds later, when the smash hit by the Village People began to play, everyone completely lost it and couldn’t stop laughing!

Christopher’s costume features all of the famous Village People attire that we all recognize. But four of the men are nothing but puppets attached to tubes! Cleverly designed, this man stunned the crowd and the judges all by himself, which is pretty impressive!

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