Man Surprised And Confused To See Two Foxes Napping On His Roof, Finds Out How They Got Up There!


When Andy Carver’s wife opened the blinds early morning, Andy expected to see nothing more than a few birds flying around, but instead, he saw something even better. The Colorado man was shocked to see two foxes curled up and sleeping adorably on his snowy rooftop.

As you can imagine, there were a million questions running through his mind – ‘how did they get there?, where did they come from?, what do I do now?‘ and more. But after accessing the situation, it was clear how the pair got there. You see, Breckenridge, Colorado was hit by heavy snowfall last week and currently, the town is covered in 4-feet of snow. So, the duo probably climbed through piles of snow and reached Carver’s rooftop for a little nap.

“My wife had just opened the blinds and that was the first thing I saw. I was like, how did they get up there?”



The foxes chose Carver’s rooftop to get some sleep and warmth.


They climbed through snow piles as the town is covered in 4-feet of snow since last week.


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Source: Uplift Post