Man swims in the ocean. Now watch 12 golden retrievers swim after him in adorable fashion


Golden retrievers are natural swimmers. The dogs have a special coat that dries quickly, and it also keeps them warm in freezing water. Plus, most golden retrievers absolutely love getting a chance to take a dip in the pool!

Because golden retrievers love swimming so much, a man from Thailand who owns twelve boisterous golden retrievers often takes his dogs into the water. Swimming is the perfect way to give his pack the exercise they need. The golden retrievers’ antics in the water also make for a hilarious video!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

This cute video shows the pack of twelve and their owner having a great time swimming together. The dogs follow their human while they bark happily and play with each other. When the dogs get a bit too loud, their owner gently chides them.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

When they get a little tired, all the pups and their owner take a break underneath a wooden pier, where their owner makes sure that they’re all still together.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The cute video ends with all twelve dogs and their owner swimming back to shore. Clearly, these dogs can’t wait to go for another dip! Check out the adorable dog pack working on their synchronized swimming routine in the video below.

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