Man Tries To Rob Gas Station But Former Marine Is Behind The Register


Abad guy entered a BP gas station in an attempt to rob the cash register of all of its money. Store clerk Aaron Jacobs was the man behind the counter that day, and of all the people for a robber to approach, Jacobs is probably one of the very last victims you could want to attack.

The robber psyched himself up, pulled out his rather large and razor-sharp knife, and put some beers up on the counter as a distraction. When Jacobs was turned slightly away, the thief began to get closer and closer, quite probably to put himself in a better position to attack Jacobs in case he needed to.

Jacob’s back was turned away while the robber inched his way closer, so when he finally turned to face his customer, he was a bit taken aback to be staring down the knife-wielding man.

Unfortunately, for the robber, he quite possibly made the absolute worst choice in targets that anyone has ever chosen in their entire life. The man behind the counter is a former-Marine combat instructor who has a black belt in karate and over 25 years of combat training.

So, while the knife was certainly a bit of a surprise for the Marine, he’s probably encountered more intense situations during boot camp. Watching the security footage is absolutely incredible, Jacobs follows his training in a heartbeat; his initial instincts all occur within seconds. From the time it takes him to assess the situation, disarm the bad guy, and push him down to the ground all occurs before the thief even understands that things aren’t going his way.

The most hilarious moment of this video is when Jacobs mentions that his biggest fear was based around the fact that he was messing up the shop! Spilled chips, cigars, and other items that Jacobs will have to clean up once things have calmed down.

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