> Man has two friends. One acts like a dog and the other like a cat. Can you guess which is which?

Man has two friends. One acts like a dog and the other like a cat. Can you guess which is which?


Have you ever wondered what would happen if your friends acted like your pets?

Well, they might not be your friends for that much longer.

Boston-based sketch comedy, FatAwesome decided they would show you what that looks like in their Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend videos.

Their first video starts with a guy welcoming his owner back home with a giant, over-enthusiastic hug. Can you guess which who that is? Obviously, the “Dog-Friend.”

“I know I’ve seen you this morning but it feels like forever,” he says to owner while grabbing a ball and suggesting the play.

Then the owner says hello someone else in the house, named “Jimmy,” who suspiciously looks at him before bolting off. Yup, you guessed it. That’s the “Cat-Friend.”

In the next scene, the Dog-Friend intently stares at his owner as he reads the newspaper, while Cat-Friend walks on top of them rudely before plopping himself down.


Will Dog-Friend cuddles with his owner, the Cat-Friend starts hitting the newspaper that his owner is reading. Which is such a cat thing to do!

After that, the Dog-Friend and his owner are in the kitchen and the minute his buddy bends over to grab something Dog-Friend does something dogs are famous for doing. Smelling butts.

Gross but accurate.

Their videos hilariously go on to portray several other cat and dog stereotypes. Such as the dog feeling immense remorse and shame for spilling something, while the cat looks his owner straight in the eye while knocking it over and seemingly enjoying his ill deed.

It also shows Cat-Friend smacking his owner awake to let him know that he wants to eat saying, “We’re out of cereal,” before scurrying away.

There’s also a hilarious scene where the Cat-Friend starts heaving weirdly exactly like a cat does before puking on the floor. And that’s exactly what Cat-friend ends up doing.

And then Dog-Friend does something exactly like a dog would do, eat it up. Also, gross but accurate. As it turns out, lots of cat and dog owners can relate as their first video has gotten more than 24 million views on YouTube.

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