Man walks 6 dogs, shocks everyone when he removes their leashes and they follow his every move


Owners and their dogs can certainly have a very special bond together, and trust is one thing that is very special between a human and a canine. But you probably wouldn’t even think of letting your dog loose on the streets without a leash – let alone six of them.

The 23-year-old Augusto Deoliveira has lived and breathed dogs for his whole life and is a dog trainer. A couple of years ago, Augusto suddenly received tons of recognition and views from YouTube.

Source: Barcroft TV

“My dogs know me as part of the pack. I spend a lot of time with them. I feed them, I let them out, I do everything with them.”

The young man posted a video of himself walking down the streets of Boston, Massachusetts together with his six dogs. At the beginning, all of his six dogs – Hannah, Jenna, Harmony, Griffin, Priscille and Savanah – are still attached to a leash.

Source: Barcroft TV

One by one, Augusto starts to take off the leashes of his dogs. He does it one by one so that all the dogs can adjust to their new situation in a busy public place. It doesn’t take long before Augusto travels through the streets of his city with six dogs unleashed, and they’re behaving brilliantly. Augusto truly has an has an astonishing amount of control over his dogs.

Cynthia Dean, Augusto’s landlord, believes that Augusto truly has a gift to communicate with dogs.

Source: Barcroft TV

“His dogs – all dogs, it’s not only his – respond amazingly to him.”

What an absolutely incredible feat.

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