You might think, when you look at this house for the first time, that it is a newly built family home. But this beautiful gray building actually has a surprising story behind it.

It was once just an old run down property. That was until a man, who quickly became The Homestead Craftsman, bought it for just under $ 12,000 in 2017. Onlookers, including his friends, probably thought he was crazy about buy it. But no one could have known the rewarding transformation that awaited the building, and no one could have predicted how much of a sensation this man and this house would become on the internet.

Craftsman then listed a house for rent in 2019. Prospective tenants are expected to pay $ 600 per month to stay in the gorgeous condo, and just days after listing, someone jumped at the chance, according to this. video. The artisans claim that the total amount he spent on buying and renovating the house was $ 30,000. A lot of people still can’t believe how bad it looks to see how much rejuvenation is needed and, more importantly, how amazing it looks.

Although he now has a tenant, it will take some time for The Craftsman to start making a profit from the rent due to unavoidable costs like insurance and taxes. The house is very small, but you cannot deny that it is very beautiful for its size. For many people, especially minimalists, the size can actually be perfect. Interestingly enough, the bedroom in the house is quite large for its overall size. Measuring 11 by 13 feet, it’s even bigger than a private craftsman’s room!

Homestead Craftsman, as an inventive renovator and internet sensation, is known for something most people can only dream of: spending as little as $ 12,000 on a dilapidated house and turning it into attractive, lucrative real estate. Although it took two years to complete, everyone was amazed at what he did with the property and how he did it himself.

In May 2020, The Crafstman posted a video update of the house where he visits the house after renting it.

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