Man’s Beloved Dog Was Shot And Killed By A Burglar. 1 Yr Later, A Shelter Gave Him A Sweet Surprise


Andrew Blaskovich lost his beloved two-and-a-half-year-old blue Great Dane, Rex, in June 2015 when a burglar shot and killed him at Blaskovich’s house while he was at work.

Since losing Rex, Blaskovich searched everywhere for another blue Great Dane, but they were rare to find.

The Front Street Animal Shelter, which held an adoption event in memory of Rex, invited Blaskovich to the Puppy Bowl. Blaskovich noticed a blue Great Dane there and immediately inquired about her, but they told her that her foster mom wanted to keep her.

Blaskovich was disappointed, but he had no idea that Front Street had a plan up their sleeves. Once the game was over, they asked Blaskovich to stay a little longer. That’s when they surprised him with the blue Great Dane puppy.

The puppy was brought to the shelter as a stray two months ago. She had an injured leg and went into foster care. She recovered well from her injury.

Blaskovich was overwhelmed with joy when he found out the puppy would be his. She is a very mellow pup and looks just like Rex, which was very special for Blaskovich.

Watch this adorable moment in the video below: