Marine Walks 300 Miles To DC To Raise Awareness Of Issues With Veterans


Terry Sharpe is a 68-year-old United States Marine who just walked 600,000 steps from the town of Stokesdale, North Carolin to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about the many issues that veterans face every day.

Terry was sickened when he saw millions of veterans facing issues like post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide with very little support, so he decided to do something about it.

“I’m going to make it one way or another. I’m going to get there,” he said. “We’re losing so many veterans to suicide, men and women. Suicide is up to 32 percent, the women’s is up to 85 percent, Vietnam veteran is up to 65 percent.”

Terry has done this walk six times in the last seven years, earning himself the nickname of “Walking Marine” around his hometown. Terry is so determined to help his fellow veterans that he will stop at nothing to spread awareness about the issues that they face.

This year, Terry is planning to make a 22-day journey with a couple who lost a loved one by suicide a few years ago. He explained that the number 22 represents how many veterans are lost to suicide each day.

“My mission is to make people aware of what’s going on and check on their veterans and see how they are doing, and if they need help then try to provide it,” he said.

These days, it often seems like veterans don’t get the respect and love that they deserve in this country. God bless Terry for going above and beyond to help them! Find out more about what he is doing in the video below.