Married For 63 Yrs, Couple Dies Minutes Apart. Moments Later Son Notices The Unexplainable


Henry and Jeanette De Lange spent 63 years of marriage madly in love and by each other’s side through thick and thin. Even after Jeanette was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and placed into a nursing home, and Henry was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he still made it a point to visit his wife several times a day!

As the years passed, both of their conditions worsened and doctors told the five De Lange children there was nothing else they could do for their parents. Sensing their fate, Henry asked to be placed in the same nursing home as Jeanette so they could spend their remaining days together. Several weeks after they were united things took a turn for the worse. Doctors noticed Henry’s failing pulse and wondered aloud if he would be the first to pass.

But as the family was sitting together and reading a Bible passage, Jeanette was called into Heaven. Their son Lee looked over to his father and told him that Mom had passed and he could stop fighting now if he wanted. Sure enough, about five minutes later, Henry also passed away. Lee explained how their deaths affected the family, “It’s one of those things you don’t pray for, because that just seems mean. But you couldn’t ask for anything more beautiful.” But then he looked at the clock and noticed something that took his breath away, to this day he has no explanation, click the video below to find out.