It Takes A Village

Yvonne Van Amerongen is the co-founder of this incredible village for the elderly with severe dementia. She has a long history of working in the senior healthcare system and saw the need for a change. She and her co-workers created this Dementia Village, and I’m wondering how long before America could adopt such an amazing idea.


 The facility was built in 2009 and is the only kind in the world that offers such a warm and delightful ‘community’ for those suffering from dementia. From independent living, to enjoying the outdoors, to grocery shopping, to getting your hair done, this village offers its residents the opportunity to live as normal a life as possible.


 This is, for most of the residents, their last place they will call home. And, we thank God for Yvonne and her co-workers for working so hard on obtaining such a beautiful place for the elderly to live.

 h/t: GodUpdates 

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