Meet The World’s Deepest Dwelling Fish – Captured on Camera


Who would have known that such a fish existed?

Recent marine research findings have shown that the world’s deepest-dwelling fish in the sea is not a species with a huge skeletal structure. Instead, the fish is actually small in size, pink and delicate – meet the Hadal Snailfish. Its skin is so transparent that you can see right through to its liver, and amphipods make up most of their diet. Nonetheless, hadal snailfish are some of the most successful animals found in the ocean’s deepest places.The species was observed to be able to live at depths of almost 27,000 feet / 8,200 meters! A scientific description of the marine species was also recently published, with an officially christened name – Pseudoliparis swirei.

A research team deployed by the University of Aberdeen, included scientists from three countries – the United States, the United Kingdom and finally, New Zealand. They have found a new species of hadal snailfish back in 2014 which were living in the Mariana Trench itself. Scientists chanced upon the species during a survey of the Mariana Trench located in the western Pacific Ocean. The team had used free-falling landers with mechanical platforms that were able to carry both instruments and steel weights. The landers are also not connected to the ship. When the landers are deployed, it took about four hours for them to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. An acoustic signal was used to release their ballast and float back to the surface, enabling an easier task of retrieving and collecting the fishes’ data.

Watch the video below!