> Miracle Kitten Takes His First Steps In A Tiny Wheelchair

Miracle Kitten Takes His First Steps In A Tiny Wheelchair


This story starts off sad, but I promise you it has a happy ending!

Cassidy, who has been dubbed the “miracle kitten,” had a rough beginning to his life. He lost two of his legs at birth, and then had to fend for himself in the forest for nine weeks. Just like the two little kittens that were left in the trash before being adopted by amazing traveling pet parents, very few kittens would have survived this. That’s why it’s truly a miracle that Cassidy is even alive.

Luckily, he refused to give up, and was adopted by loving owners. They had him fitted for a wheelchair, and filmed his very first unassisted steps in it (appropriately set to the Rocky theme song!). He starts off slow, but then he quickly gets the hang of his new set of wheels. Thanks to his kitty wheelchair, he’s able to run around, play, and have the same amount of fun as his four-legged friends.

This little guy is downright inspirational. Based on how fast Cassidy is moving after just a couple of minutes, I have a feeling this cat is going to be unstoppable (on top of adorable!).

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